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Car Care Tips

Car Cleaning

Did you know that some Concours Experts use separate sponges and leathers for windows, upper paintwork, lower paintwork and wheels? This avoids getting the dirt & grit from the lower, dirtier parts of the car onto the more vulnerable parts e.g. window glass.
Frequent changes of bucket water are recommended for the same reason.

Finish off a car wash with a good quality chamois leather or synthetic chamois. This markedly improves the end result. Leather quality can vary considerably.

If you want great results from your car wash with the minimum of effort try a Hydraflexi Blade. These blades have been used in the professional car valeting trade for some time and are a well kept secret. The soft compound from which the blade is constructed enables you to dry water from the paintwork safely, quickly and easily. Please check our range and price list for more details.

It is important to hose or powerwash the underside of the vehicle regularly during the winter months to stop the build up of salt deposits which could cause or accelerate corrosion. Karcher

To prepare a car, try this order of actions it will help you to do the job efficiently.

1. Give the interior a good Brush, vacuum and cleaning.
2. Apply P21s to the alloy wheels.
3. Wash the cars exterior.
4. Apply tyre dressing.
5. Polish the wheels.
6. Apply Carnauba Wax.
7. Treat exterior trim.
8. Buff off Carnauba Wax.

Winter Storage

Cars should be ideally stored in a temperate, well ventilated, dry environment. If you don't have heating in your garage consider buying a dehumidifier. These units extract moisture out of the air and so prevent condensation, one of the causes of metal corrosion. It's important to remember that some upholstery, particulary leather, can be harmed by lack of moisture in the air. It is therefore recommended that you follow the manufacturers guidelines to ensure that the dehumidifier unit does not extract too much moisture out of the air. De-humidifiers

Corrosion Protection

Winter can be a good time to rustproof you car. A highly recommended treatment is Waxoyl. This wax based solution is a favourite of classic car enthusiasts. It can be thinned to improve the flow and spread into bodywork cavities.

Battery Conditioning

A vehicle's battery is usually the first victim of storage, sometimes even after only a matter of a few days lay-up. Each time a battery goes flat it significatly reduces battery life. The answer is a Battery Conditioner. This small convenient unit supplies a continuous low voltage "trickle" charge to the battery from the mains electricity supply. There is normally no need to disconnect the battery terminals and even a car alarm system can remain armed. We can supply these units directly to you at very competitive prices. Please check our range and price list for more details.

Tyre Care

Tyres can develop flat spots if a vehicle is stood for any length of time. Many enthusiasts therefore inflate tyres to their maximum recommened pressure during periods of storage. They also move the vehicle a number of times during the storage period to rotate the tyres so that the same tyre areas are not in contact with the floor surface. Please remember to reset the tyre pressures again before using the vehicle on the road as over inflated tyres can affect road holding and increase tyre wear. For further advice of tyre care.