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Customer Comments

Thank you for the fast dispatch of the items. I would like to comment on how impressed I am by the products, my car had a complete clean yesterday and I can honestly say it looks amazing.

MB - 26 September 2011

Hello, purchased your 1 2 3 kit a short time ago and just wanted to let you know how very, very pleased I was with your product after having applied it. I have been looking for a suitable polish and wax for a very long time now and after applying it to my freinds black Merk SLK it certainly stood out and shone well. Even to the extent of a collegue stating she thought it looked like a new car again. It really did provoke a few admiring glances and comments from off other people at work. I will not hesitate to reorder with you again. Thanking you for introducing me to a fist class winning product.

DB - 11 May 2011

used the 123 kit for the last couple of years and still amazed at the finish.

MF - 25 February 2011

Just spent the weekend cleaning and polishing the 968 with the DT Concours 1-2-3 Kit (and various other Stu products), with stunning results. When I bought the car a month ago, the car's black paintwork looked merely ok, with alot of "swirling" but the 1-2-3 kit really has transformed it.

... it sounds a bit too much like an advert Stu would put on his website, but i really can highly recommend it. Its a hell of a lot of work, but when your buffing that final waxing stage off, it all becomes worth it.

CH - 18 October 2009

I used this product for the first time 2 months ago (on my new
Maserati Quattroporte) and can confidently claim that it is the best product
I have ever used, and I am very meticulous about the way my car looks.

Customer - 27 October 2008

Just writing to say how delighted I am with my battery conditioner
and paint cleanser. Will be ordering again for sure and will recommend you
to others.
Fast delivery too - thanks very much!

All the best,
Andrew - 16 December 2007

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Stuart for his friendly and expert advice on how to use these simple car care products. I an a total beginner with car care and so appreciated the extra attention and easy to follow advice that your customer care team have. The effects on my 5 year black BMW have been amazing and I have no hesitation in recommending your products to all my friends!! A job well done to and I will be placing my orders through you guys from now on..."

J. F. A - 24 September 2007


A Bamford - 21 May 2007

have been using your car care products now for about 6years they are just unbeatable and really good value for the money a first class product fabulous

DSG - 22nd May 07

Already used your products on my XK8 (Blue and on your web site) on my T350 and now on my Black RS6. Ive run out of Wax and cleanser and figure that your 1-2-3 kit is pretty good value : )

By: P.A.

I used your 1-2-3 kit on my faded red Volvo S40 and it now looks amazing. By far the best polish i have ever used. Now going to use it on my Lotus Excel.
By: Martin S. - Surrey

Had your 1-2-3 kit as a Christmas present. I pride myself on the condition of my MK3 Golf GTI, cleaning it 2 to 3 times a week!! I try to have it looking A1 at all times inside and out. I used your products and was dismayed at how much 'rubbish' was in the paint work! The clay bar soon became VERY dirty. The difference in the paint afterwards was quite remarkable! To say it feels like glass is an understatement! Also the deep gleam to it is brilliant! So thanks for such fantastic products.

I received the Hydra Flexi Blade and the P21-S Alloy Cleaner today(Wed). Very impressed with your delivery time.
Regards, Alan Sinclair.

Hi there

Blofeld ChairThanks for the phone call this week regarding the order for the leather cream for the James Bond chair. I have attached the photo of the chair.

The chair is indeed very special, and was purchased in December 2005 at auction from Christie's, London. The beige leather armchair was designed and manufactured by De Sede in Switzerland, and was purchased for use in the 1969 EON Productions' film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The armchair can be seen as part of a suite of furniture in Blofeld's Swiss Mountain top lair, Piz Gloria. Blofeld, played by Telly Savalas, can be seen sitting in the armchair as he questions James Bond, played by George Lazenby, sitting opposite him on a sofa. It is seen again, when Blofeld discusses release terms with his kidnap victim, Tracy di Vicenzo, played by Diana Rigg, prior to her dramatic rescue by Bond and her father, Draco, played by Gabriele Ferzetti, in the explosive conclusion of the film.

The condition of the chair was as a result of it having been left outside after filming. The leather cleaner and cream that I puchased from DT Concours have brought up the chair really well. It has certainly helped to preserve this very important piece of Bond memorabilia. I am very pleased with the purchase. My chair looks wonderful! Nigel



Hi there.
Just wanted to say that the 123 kit you supplied me is fantastic. I am an avid polisher of my cars but none has ever looked as good as the MGF. I wish I had got this polish when I had the old black Porsche. The Porsche club seemed to recommend Autoglym which at the time I thought was OK. How wrong I was, compared with the DTC product. And all that chalk they use cant do the paint any good can it? With your product the little amount of effort for the reward is amazing. All that and delivery next day… what can I say?
Keep up the good work, I will be reordering when I need to.
Nick, email 5-12-05.

Well folks ,,, i finally got round to getting the 200Sx,s leather seats clean.....
I used some ,,,, wait for it,,,, DT Concourse vinyl cleaner....
Couldnt believe how easy the "crap" came off the leather. ....
I had tried a few of the usual leather cleaners + they didnt even touch the muck....
So i thought , in for a penny , in for a pound...+ tried the stuff..
Armed with a nail / scrubbing brush . + an armfull of cloths .. got stuck in....
The seat is now light grey , as it should be ,, + the cloths are "black".....
The drivers seat now looks like new... ..
Ive also fed the leather with some Connolly hide food + its now as NEW.....
I also cleaned my S2,s steering wheel,, as on wednesday "Oulton", i found it seemed very sticky....
Couldnt believe how MUCH crap came off it...
Its now as it should be.... smooth but grippy....
PS,,, its not a CS wheel ,, but what the Porsche shop call the RS wheel...
That vinyl cleaner IS GOOD ....
Ta Stu... PS i now need some more vinyl cleaner .. can you bring some to Brands Hatch with you.....

Forum 21-8-05

Hi Stuart,

I briefly met you a year ago at the Brands Hatch Porsche Festival towards the end of the Sunday, where amongst other discussion points you tried to get me to bring my car onto the stand! I declined the offer as it wasn't particularly clean and my paint was looking more pink than Guards Red. My boyfriend and I bought your 1-2-3 kit and a year on I have used the entire process twice, and use the wax on a much more regular basis.
Kind Regards

Email, 24 May 2005

I am an avid polisher also - spent days on my car recently, stripping each panel of old wax and other road gunk with the DT Clay and Cleanser (the 1-2 part of the kit) and I was hugely impressed with the feel of the paint at that stage. I thought the car was clean before but doing this just made the world of difference! I fully recommend any of you to do it.

forum, 19-5-05

Thanks again for the incredible job you guys did on my Viper! Hope your journey home was ok! We're gonna have to get together one day so you can take it for a spin yourself! cheers.

email, 9-3-05

Nice one Stu - the car has come up a treat (95% done) - although one rear quarter was slightly yellow and i had to use a 'stronger' more abrasive product (mentioning no names), otherwise great job.

Furthermore - "best £40 i have ever spent" - my brother's comment, his car has come up a treat, very 'glossy'. .........................................


email, 11-10-04

Hi Stuart

Thank you for such a prompt and efficient mail order service.
Just got round to trying out the alloy wheel cleaner and very impressed with the results. The Ibiza TDI has horrible alloys to clean and they look really good after just one session. And the 9-spoke RS4 alloys on my husband's Audi S3 look stunning. The car is his pride and joy and he's very fussy about what products he uses. Just waiting to get my car back from the garage to try it out on Porsche Cup alloys on my RS2.
I've put a post up on the 968 Forum to give the product and your service a plug. I'll be back in touch shortly to order some more valeting products.


email, 11-10-04

the 1-2-3 kit's more than worth the money.

email, 14-09-04

thanks Stuart,
what a good result for a 968 , second to a professionally prepared '73 911 RS. Don't forget the prize was awarded by Specialist Cars Zymol preparation team ,having spent around £2.5k prepping the winning 911 RS for the customer,where as the CS was presented using your DT STARTER KIT. What a plug. Oh, not to mention all the elbow grease by yours truly.

R. I.
email, 14-6-04

Customer won 2nd in class and also 2nd overall, Harewood Park, June 2004

My car is a nissan 300zx in metallic black.over the years i have tried all the major car care products but nothing comes close to matching your product,absolutely fantastic .i will never use anything else now


Hi stuart

I have to say your products are bloody fantastic I tried them out on my 6 month old peugeot 206 (mercury grey) and the results are brilliant. The guy that did it for me who runs a valet company was also really impressed. it was a revelation to say the least.
I am a convert!!!
I think my going on to a few people at dinner tonight will sell you a couple more kits
it was a pleasure using the stuff

Ps the porsche is being done next week!!

email, 23-12-03

Dear DT Concours

Have a good xmas I am very satified with your products and cant wait until the weather improves when I will try some more of your products, they represent good value and give great results.

best wishes

J. G.
email, 22-12-03

.....starter kit was great value and gave excellent results.

Dear All, just quick thank you as your starter kit was excellent value and provides really smooth and a deep shine, my car is coming uo to 18 and looks fantastic, would recommend to anyone for the price and the results..

look forward to adding some more of your products soon

email, 10

"Probably one of the best concours products I have ever used"

email, 29-9-03

Customer has won numerous awards for this car.

The best stuff I've ever used, it does exactly what it says on the bottle

verbal comment,

Customer won best visitor car at Tatton Park, September 2003

I gave the BMW a good go with the K300 last week as it had been on the drive for 3 weeks while the garage was being used for storing the new kitchen. Came up like new !!

email 20-9-03

I was very please with the 123 kit.

Now I would like the K300 wax (9,99 + shipping). Please ring me if you need my Credit card details again.

J. S. (Sweden)
email 11-9-03


I've just done the 911 with the clay block, I thought the car was clean before, now I'm almost lost for words "Excellent".

N. - 19-8-03.

email subject: WOW!


Just had the dull weekend. What can I say I am speechless. Year & years have I been cleaning my cars and trying all manor of polish Autoglym and wonder wax to name but a few. But your products are fantastic!! Washed my jaguar then got the clay out on my 'clean' car which as is turns out wasn't clean at all. 3 and a half hours later I had a nice shiny car with a glass like
finish! I even did the wife's Audi in the late afternoon / early evening that clay is very addictive. it removed the tar spots on the lower section of the Audi door without any problem. The car is Dark metallic blue and the tar was almost impossible to see, but you could feel it. NOT ANY MORE : )

I have taken some photos of the Jag and will send them though later today / tomorrow

Thank you very much.

P.A. - 18-8-03

You may be interested to know that our Bentley Mark VI won the Bentley cup at the North of England rally of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club I had repolished the entire car with K300 and it looked pretty good. Several people asked what polish I used. Could you supply another bottle please

email 14-8-03

Customer won the Bentley cup at the North of England rally of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club.

Thanks for the good service. Very rare these days.


email 5-6-03

Its a totally excellent polish, i'll be buying some more on wednesday, I've got the 911 polished and ready for the concours.

email 9-6-03

(Customer got 3rd place in his first concours event with our wax)

i missed the group buy but got some last week and boy is this stuff good.

Posted on a forum, 23-5-2003

I would like to thank you for supplying the polish we discussed and I subsequently ordered. I must say I was a little sceptical about your claims for its ease of use. I stand corrected. For many years I have polished my cars and have obtained good results but with lots of effort. The polish I bought from you has superior results with an easy application I would never have thought possible. It has reduced the time spent on the appearance of my cars by more than half. I am absolutely delighted and will be ordering more from you in due course.

Thanks once again.

B. H.
email, 20-5-2003

that purply Carnauba Wax is excellent, just done the 911, the paint feels like glass,

text message, 05-05-2003.