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DTConcours Photo Gallery

Kit car using DT Concours Kit Car
Another happy DT Concours customer.

(Click for larger image)

PCGB concours  PCGB concours 
PCGB concours  PCGB concours 
I came second in the R16 regional concours class - my first success, and hopefully not my last! Note that concours is very popular in R16, mostly due to the ROs being Tony and Harriet Shannon, who have both had success at national level in PCGB concours. Therefore the competition at R16 concours events is usually very strong.

Porsche 968 at a local Porsche event. Porsche 968
A Porsche 968 on show at a Porsche local event

(Click for larger image)

Porsche 968 in Pride of Place at the Porsche National EventPorsche 968
A Porsche 968 in Pride of Place outside the Porsche tent at the Porsche National Event.

(Click for larger image)


Used Car RoadshowAnother Customer on TV
Here is another of our customers cars featuring on Men & Motors Used Car Roadshow with Penny Mallory and Jason Dawe.


Porsche 911 Porsche 911 (993)
Another fine example of what the DT Concours K300 Speedwax can do for your car.



Porsche 911 Flatnose Porsche 911 Flatnose Porsche 911 FlatnosePorsche 911 Flatnose, 123 kit and Bumper Gel gave the extreme contrast of the black on white which makes this car stand out. Crystal Clear glass cleaner helps to finish off the exterior to a concours standard. Runner up in visitors class at PCGB NW street concours Tatton Park 2005.


MiniDerelict Mini - we did a small patch on the boot area of this derelict mini which had been left outside for 3 years by it's owner who was abroad. The effect was amazing on this very flat and dull paintwork. We also did a small area of the boot handle. More images.


Jaguar XK8Jaguar XK8 treated to the 123 Kit, fantastic results. More images.

Gulf 911This is a racing Porsche 911 and uses the DT Concours range of products to keep it looking as smooth as it is driven around the track.(Who writes this stuff) More images.


Porsche 928 S of 1982. Reflection of tree on Porsche 928 S bonnet. Porsche 928 S - 1982 We worked on this car with the 123 Kit in 2003 when parts of it were turning 'Porsche Pink' but have only just got round to taking some pictures in July 2004, you can see that it has a beautiful Guards Red finish, it gets a regular topping up with Carnauba Wax as the owner seems to love waxing the car. Considering the car is 22 years old it's not doing badly and could put quite a few younger cars to shame, it goes to regular Porsche Club events and the owner gets many comments about the depth of shine.

Porsche 968 Club SportPorsche 968 Club Sport. The owner of this beautifully prepared 968 Club Sport is well experienced in restoring and renovating classic cars and is an old hand at concours events, seen here with our Carnauba Wax after winning 2nd in Class and more importantly second in Spirit of Concours at Harewood in June 2004 which translated meant 2nd overall. The owner bought the DT Concours 1-2-3 Kit and spent quite a few hours preparing the paint finish and put more than a few hours in fully detailing the car. The effort involved is tremendous and he fully deserved to get a high place. The judges themselves are distributors of Zymol and were very impressed with the high quality of finish on the paintwork and throughout the car. It was a pleasant surprise that the judging seemed to be impartial. A good position and well deserved.

Porsche 968 sportPorsche 968 Sport. Another satisfied customer. He wasn't sure that DT Concours could do anything for his beautiful Speed Yellow 968, he was pleasantly surprised at the result after application of the 1-2-3 kit. Have a look at some very nice images taken of this stunning car.


Porsche 968 Club Sport Porsche 968 Club Sport. The paintwork on this car now gleams after having the DT Concours 123 treatment. It has also benefitted from an interior clean with Vinyl Cleanser and also the steering wheel and gear lever have been treated with Leather Soap and Leather Creme to bring them back to their original suppleness and give them back the beautiful leather fragrance. This car is now for sale.


Porsche Carrera 4 S Porsche 911 (996) Carrera 4S. Taken after the owner won best visitors car at the concours event Tatton Park September 2003, seen here with DT Concours Carnauba Wax. A stunning example of a stunning car. The Carnauba Wax enhances the immaculate paintwork of this owners pride and joy..The car is fully loaded with all that Porsche has to offer in terms of technology and driving pleasure in a road vehicle. And the paintwork gives the driver every right to have a big grin on his face when he drives it. Lucky guy! Carrera 4S images.

Porsche 944 S2 CabrioletPorsche 944 S2 CabrioletPorsche 944 S2 Cabriolet. The owner of this car couldn't believe the effect the DT Concours Carnauba Wax had on his paint job after winning a visitors award at a local event we applied some Carnauba Wax for him and he was truly amazed that we could improve on what he thought was a great paint finish. A comment from a bystander watching was "it looks like it's just come out of the paint shop" because the paint looked like it was still wet.
944 images

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow 2Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II. 20 years old, the DT Concours 1-2-3 Kit really brought this beautiful car back to life, it has been bought as a luxury business vehicle and needed to be in tip top condition. The owner had tried using Meguiars products and wasn't happy with the results so came to us. What a difference the kit made, most of the swirl marks have gone and what was a very dull finish has been restored to a deep lustre. This rich deep colour was worth a little time to bring it back to it's full glory without a visit to a paint shop. This beautiful machine is available for weddings and other functions. 07710 366009.
Rolls Royce images.

MG TF 1250 1954MG TF 1250. This 1954 car is cherished and cared for with DT Concours products. This picture was taken soon after the Carnauba Speedwax had been applied ready for the MG event. DT Concours Tyre Dressing has been used on the tyres and DT Concours Crystal Clear has been used on the glass.


Lancia FulviaLancia FulviaLancia FulviaLancia Fulvia This car is over 36 years old and is fully original. The condition of the paint is fairly poor due to it's age and years of neglect, the car has only covered 3,300 miles since new and therefore has been spared most of the ravages of daily use. Products used where, Super Clay, Paint Cleanser, Carnauba Wax, Tyre Dressing and Crystal Clear glass cleaner. The paint work was extremely rough to the touch before the use of Super Clay, having collected thirty years of dust, but now feels like glass and is protected by the Carnauba Wax. The tyres are possibly the originals so really need replacing, but the Tyre Dressing brought them back to a lovely matt black.

Porsche 968 at Gawsworth HallPorsche 968 at Gawsworth HallPorsche 968 Sport, Guards Red, 1994. 1st in class Tatton Park, September 2001. This car was also highly placed at Gawsworth Hall Classic Car Rally in May 2003, however due to it being ruled out by the judges because the owner has a car care products business, it went to a well preserved fine example of a 928. Also joint 3rd at Tatton Park PCGB regional concours but ruled out because it didn't have the required PCGB badge in the window. 968 images.

BMW 325iBMW 325iBMW325i, Metallic Cosmos Black, 1994. When this car was taken to a car club meeting in early 2003 one of the onlookers couldn't believe that this car was nearly 10 years old. BMW 325i images.

BMW 325iBeading on the BMW325i, this was taken on 18-5-03, 2 months after the DT Concours Carnauba Wax was applied on the 15-3-03.



Porsche 944 S2Porsche 944 S2Porsche 944 S2, Guards Red, 1990. 3rd in Class 1999.
Reflection in Porsche 944 S2 paintwork.

TVR 2500MTVR 2500M before DT Concours Paint Renovator and Wax This car has been stored for approximately 10 years under a plastic tapaulin, the paint has become extremely damaged and has absorbed moisture to the point of blistering. The car needs a full restoration of the bodywork but we thought that we would see the result of the product on such a badly damaged paint surface.

TVR 2500M TVR 2500M after DT Concours Paint Renovator and Wax. Although the paint still needs a full restoration the results confirmed the quality of the polish and the wax. The original depth of colour and deep gloss is shining through, the reflections of the house behind are clearly more defined, even some of the deep scratch has been disguised.


Kia Sportage 2.0 This 4 wheel drive is used regularly to travel up and down a sandy dirt track to a horses stables. The owner has rarely even washed the car as it gets so full of sand and dusty on the dirt track. Treatment with the Paint Restorer and then the Concours Glaze Speedwax revealed a beautiful metallic green. Tyre Dressing and Bumper Dressing for the door handles and other black plastics add to the effect.


Reflection in Kia Sportage paintwork. Due to the excellent condition of this car it was sold for the same price that it was bought for 1 year and 10,000 miles later. The value of looking after your car will show through at the time you come to sell it.


Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TDi.Reflection on bonnet of Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TDi.Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TDi This vehicle has replaced the Kia Sportage above and has been given a once over with K300 Speedwax. The tyres have been dressed and the bumper line has been treated with Bumper Gel. This vehicle was on the stand at the classic car show at Tatton Park in June 2003.


Porsche 911 3.2.Bonnet of Porsche 911 3.2.This beautiful Porsche 911 3.2 came highly placed in the North West region PCGB street concours in June 2003, and 3rd in the North West TIPEC street concours in August 2003.
Our customer uses the K300 Speedwax. 911 3.2 images.


Porsche 911(993) 3.6 Carrera 4S.Reflection on bonnet of Porsche 911(993) 3.6 Carrera 4S.Porsche 911(993) 3.6 Carrera 4S It's sometimes a bit difficult to show how good a wax is on a silver car but I think here it shows the effect beautifully, it shows the reflections of the lighting very nicely after being given the 123 Kit treatment.



Other Customers

Blofelds armchairNot all of our customers use our products on cars, our Leather Creme is being used to restore furniture such as this chair used in the James Bond film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'