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Leather Crème

DT Concours - Leather CremeFeeds and protects leather. Contains a unique blend of natural oils to feed those oils in leather, which deplete over time.
Use periodically to protect the leather surface, keep it supple and aid stain resistance. It is silicone and solvent free and has a light cleaning action but is primarily designed for use on clean leather. Soiled leather should be pre-cleaned using D.T. Concours Leather Soap and Conditioner.
Leather Creme (250ml)


We recommend that you clean the leather each time before applying the Leather Creme, in this way you will help to prolong the life of the leather. In effect what you are doing is cleaning and protecting the coating that is put onto the leather when it is manufactured, it is very important to maintain the coating in order to protect the leather underneath. If the coating does become cracked then we recommend that the leather is thoroughly cleaned with leather soap and the coating should be re-applied as soon as is practicably possible.


We have put these quality products together as a kit for complete leather care.
The leather care kit includes :-
Both the Leather Soap and the Leather Crème
The kit also includes 2 large 100% cotton application towels.

The price for the full kit is just 24.98, a saving of 5 from the normal rrp of 29.98 when purchased separately.

Just follow the instructions and this full DIY treatment will help to restore the leather without expensive processes. Although we do recommend that damaged leather be repaired where necessary.

Leather Creme (250ml) £14.99
Leather Care Towel Kit
Contains: Leather Creme (250ml), Leather Soap & Conditioner (250ml), 2 x 100% Cotton Towels.

Leather Care Microfibre Kit
Contains: Leather Creme (250ml), Leather Soap & Conditioner (250ml), 2 x Microfibre Cloths.