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Leather Soap & Conditioner

DT Concours - Leather Soap & ConditionerFor cleaning and freshening of leather upholstery and trim. When used correctly on cracked and dirty leather this will help to clean the dirt that lies in the cracks and so disguise them, especially good on lighter colours where dirt in cracked leather is easily visible.

Leaves a natural sheen on the cleaned leather surfaces. A neutral pH and balanced cleaner containing protective oils that help feed the leather, aid stain resistance and keep the leather supple, unlike some other leather soaps and cleaning agents which contain solvents and can dry out the leather.

Use in conjunction with DT Concours Leather Care Crème for optimum protection and maintenance.

Blofelds armchair from On Her Majestys Secret ServiceThe Leather soap and creme kit is not used just for car seats or in cars, we have a number of customers who use our products to clean house furniture or to restore furniture. Take a look at how Mr NW is using the Leather care kit to clean the armchair used by Telly Savalas in the film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'