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Microfibre Cloths, Pads and Towels

Microfibre Cleaning Set

Microfibre Cleaning Kit
A set of four microfibre cleaning products for cleaning without scratching or leaving streaks. Contains a Wash & Polish Mitt, a Buffing Cloth, a Micro Sponge, and a Glass Cloth.

Microfibre Cleaning Kit



Microfibre Cloth
Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloths and Microfibre Cloth Bundles
For glass and all polished surfaces. Each piece of microfibe yarn splits into 8 or more triangular fibres. Good for most surfaces including glass the microfibres cut through dirt and grease with only the smallest amount of cleaning product to help the process - on glass and polished surfaces a light water spray is more than sufficient.

With the millions of tiny fibres the DT Concours Microfibre cloth is ideal for absorbing fluids quickly, its fibres will not scratch even the most delicate of finishes. Cloths Measure 40 x 40 cm.

Microfibre Cloth (Yellow)


Microfibre Cloth (Orange)


Microfibre Cloth (Blue)


Microfibre Cloth (Green)


Microfibre 8 Cloth Bundle(4 colours)
Includes 2 of each Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green Microfibre cloths.


Microfibre 10 Cloth Bundle (5 colours)
Includes 2 of each Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green Microfibre cloths.


Microfibre drying towel

Microfibre Drying Towel(Extra Large)
Lint free and absorbent - Washable and reusable - Reduces drying times - Dries like no other cloth or chamois - Soft and plush (unlike chamois)

This incredible extra large 80cm x 60cm microfibre drying towel absorbs 8 times it's weight in water, three times the water of traditional terry towels and gives fast, spot-free results. Machine washable.

Microfibre Drying Towel


Microfibre Mitt

Microfibre Mitt
Mirofibre mitts are ideal for washing or finishing. Super absorbant 'chenille' microfibres on one side and a glass polishing cloth on the other makes this one of the most versatile mitts on the market.

Miracle microfibre mitt, this really is car polishing the easy way. Apply the polish of your choice then slip on the mitt and allow the millions of microfibre filaments to give a superb shine. Mitt fits either hand is very comfortable

Microfibre Mitt


Microfibre Pad

Microfibre Pad
The microfibre applicator pad gives you more control when using protectants, waxes and cleaners. This microfibre covered sponge is designed for the easy application of protectants, waxes, stains, wood finishes and polishes to all surfaces.

Microfibre Pad

Microfibre Sponge

Microfibre Sponge
Conventional foam sponges have a flat surface and move the dirt around the paintwork and can scratch. Our microfibre sponge lifts and traps the dirt in its fibres , away from your paintwork, therefore helping to prevent scratches and swirls marks.

Microfibre Sponge