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Alloy Wheel Cleaner

P21-S - New Power Gel Formula

P21-S Power GelP21-S is a non acidic alloy wheel cleaner.

The leading light alloy rim cleaner has been considerably improved through the development of the New Power Gel Formula.

You get a number of advantages :

  • P21-S does not run off and clings on even to vertical surfaces
  • P21-S therefore has an optimum effect and is much more economical
  • P21-S removes even extreme soiling problems by itself
  • P21-S is guaranteed acid free and will not attack any surfaces
  • P21-S contains corrosion inhibitors
  • P21-S Detergent base material is biodegradable according to cleaning and detergent laws
  • P21-S is tested and approved by TUV
  • P21-S is recommended by leading automobile manufacturers

Note: For painted or anodised light alloy rims only. Do not apply to unprotected, gloss polished rims (also often used on motorcycles)! In case of uncertainty, please test the cleaner on a small area of the material for compatibility.

500ml with finger spray and applicator sponge or 1 litre Refill bottle.

Sorry - This Product Is No Longer Available

Customer Comments:

Thank you for such a prompt and efficient mail order service.

Just got round to trying out the alloy wheel cleaner and very impressed with the results. The Ibiza TDI has horrible alloys to clean and they look really good after just one session. And the 9-spoke RS4 alloys on my husband's Audi S3 look stunning. The car is his pride and joy and he's very fussy about what products he uses. Just waiting to get my car back from the garage to try it out on Porsche Cup alloys on my RS2.

M. C.