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Paint Preparation

All paint systems benefit from proper protection, protection easily available using the DT Concours 1-2-3 Kit. We would recommend the following procedure.

  • First spray the car with clean water using a hose pipe or pressure washer. If the car is particularly dirty we recommend that the paint surface is soaked with water for a few minutes first. Taking a good quality soft sponge and a bucket of clean warm water (a small amount of car shampoo may be added to the bucket water to ease cleaning) start by cleaning the windows and windscreen first. The water in the bucket is at its cleanest at this point and so reduces the risk of scratching the glass. Then move to the roof panel and wipe the paint surface, ensuring the whole area is covered.
  • It is important that the sponge is regularly rinsed in the clean water from the bucket throughout this operation. Change the water as soon as it starts to become dirty. We recommend that you work the sponge using long strokes from front to back across each panel rather than in a circular motion. In this way, any minute hairline scratching that may occur from time to time, particularly if using a poorer quality sponge, will not be as visible to the naked eye.
  • Methodically work around the car moving downwards from the roof towards the lower panels, finishing off with the sill and under bumper areas.
  • Regularly, spray each panel with clean water from a hosepipe or pressure washer to remove the dirt dislodged by the sponge. Keep you bucket water clean and use this to regularly rinse your sponge out.
  • Finally, clean the wheels and tyres using a different sponge, or a brush specifically designed for the purpose.
  • Once completed rinse the whole car down with clean water from the hosepipe or pressure washer.
  • Finally dry the car off with a good quality chamois leather in the same order that the car was washed.

It is then recommended that you take the car for a short drive. This achieves the following

Brake discs corrode, even from the water from a quick car washing. Using the brakes on a short run clears the water away, but please be aware that water resting on the braking systems may initially impair brake performance until clear.

Air pressure and the movement of the car, force much of the water lodged in between the panels out. So helping to prevent corrosion and mildew forming in these gaps.

After the short drive, take a good quality chamois leather damped in fresh clean water, and use this to dry the entire car in the same order as when cleaning with the sponge, starting with the glass areas and finishing with the wheels and tyres. Remember to keep your bucket water clean throughout and use this to regularly rise your leather in.

You should now have an ideal basis to obtain the best results from the DT Concours 1-2-3 Kit.