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One thing I don't like when attending shows is "tree sap" makes all the paintwork sticky and prickly, whats the best way to remove this, what polish to use to avoid this, can it affect paintwork like bird muck.
Tree sap is a problem and can affect the paintwork like bird muck. The polish you are using will help protect the paintwork and our Carnauba Wax product will do so to an even greater degree. However, no polish or wax can give full protection over any period of time and it's best just to wash the car asap after contact with such contaminants.

You keep on top of your paintwork by regular cleaning etc. and so the contaminants should not get a hold. However, you may experience a build up of contaminants, perhaps accumulating from since before you bought the car. In some circumstances, you would need to rub the paintwork so hard with polish that significant amounts of paint would be removed before the contamination was cleared.
In such circumstances a clay bar is the answer. This will remove the offending matter without damaging the paintwork. You can then apply polish again once the clay bar process has been used.

My paintwork is basically sound but lacks it's original lustre?
The sun's ultraviolet rays produce heat that can harm clear coat paint finishes on modern cars. A good quality wax can provide a reflective guard for the paint finish and protect it from the environment so restoring the original lustre. If your car is protected by wax you will notice rainwater beading on the paintwork. Older paint finishes used to oxidize over time making the finish look chalk like in appearance. More modern paint finishes simply exude a hazy or dull appearance. It is however important that the paint is thoroughly cleansed to remove debris, dead paint etc before the wax is applied. Applying wax over an uncleansed surface merely seals in the dirt and oxidation.

My paintwork has hairline scratches in it's surface?
On modern paint finishes the top lacquer or clear coat becomes contaminated by debris from the environment. Improper cleaning causes the debris to scratch the paint. In addition acid rain and other pollutants can damage the finish. Some cheaper plastic sponges can also scratch the paint Systematic, careful, regular cleaning and protecting of the paint surface will help reduce environmental damage. Always use a good quality car shampoo when washing the paint surface. Remember the extra you pay for good quality products will only be a fraction of the cost of remedial paintwork repair.

I'm confused - what is the difference between wax and polish?
Polishes often have a mild cleaning action which will to some extent restore paintwork colour, eradicate minor scratching etc. They also offer some protection against the elements and enhance the shine. Some even have a little wax ingredient. Too often however, a car's paintwork deteriorates more than you might imagine. It's normally wise therefore to use a paint cleanser first to remove, certain forms of debris. You should then apply a wax, which will normally give a deeper lustre to the paint finish than most polishes and also a greater level of protection. This is one of the secrets of that show - winning finish.

My paintwork suffers from water marking
This type of marking is sometimes referred to as a water spotting and usually resembles small white cloudy patches in the paintwork. You may try a solution of 50% water and 50% vinegar to remove these marks. We would strongly recommend that you test this solution in a small inconspicuous area first before using on the entire car.

How often should I wax?
If your vehicle is in everyday use and you wash it every week, a wax should be applied at least three times a year to protect the paintwork. Applying wax once every 3 months will usually protect vehicles from the more harsh levels of UV rays and environmental contamination. We must again stress that any dead paint etc should be removed before wax is applied.

Some colours seem to deteriorate more than most
Car paintwork can deteriorate due to sunlight, UV radiation, acid rain, dirt, road salt and general air pollution. Black white and red paintwork usually deteriorate more quickly and to a larger degree. This is because these colours are more susceptible to UV rays and acid rain.

I've heard that new car finishes are tougher than old
Unfortunately this is often not the case. Acid rain, bird droppings tree sap etc can stain newer paint finishes just as they did the old. Protecting the paintwork with a good quality wax system and removing such stains as soon as possible will minimize the risk of the paintwork being damaged.

Why should I polish or wax my car?
Polishes serve three purposes:

Cleaning the paintwork
Improving the shine
Protecting the paint surface against the environment

Obvious but........
We recently, attended the Tatton Park annual Classic and Autojumble show and it was good that so many people came up to us with favourable comments about our product range, particularly how easy it is to get great results on vehicle paintwork etc. Thank you all.

However, one point had escaped us completely until a gentleman queried the price of our 1-2-3 Kit - wasn't this a bit expensive? I started to explain that the kit included a 30g clay bar, clay lubricant, paint cleanser, carnauba wax and four cotton towels and that our price compared very favourably with our competitors. Indeed, the kit was and is currently on offer at 39.95, a saving of around 15.00.

The gentleman remained unconvinced until his wife, who had been carefully examining our quality chamois leathers, commented that the value of his car would increase by significantly more than the cost of the kit once he had cleaned his car with it!

With that the gentleman duly presented his payment for the kit..... and also for a chamois leather !

I find it incredible now that I had not considered that the cost of our products should be weighed against the increased value of a prepared vehicle. It certainly makes good economic sense.

Thank you madam for your valuable insight.