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Super Clay bar

Super Clay BarWhen you have washed and dried your car the paint may feel nice and smooth to the touch, but unless the paintwork is relatively new there will be minute particles of dust and debris from the environment including tar, tree sap, bird lime, insect residues, acid rain particles or rail dust. These will be embedded in the surface of the paint and cannot be removed by washing alone.

You can sometimes feel this with a thin piece of cellophane between the hand and the paintwork. Or if you quickly brush your hand across the paint surface you may hear a rough noise. This is all the debris in the paint. In fact the paint should be as smooth as polished glass, there should be no noise.

DT Concours Super Clay is a soft cleaning putty suitable for removing ingrained dirt and the other particles mentioned above from your paint. It is safe on all types of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats and airplanes.
Once the debris and unwanted particles have been removed from the paint surface, a paint cleanser should then be used to revitalise any oxidised or old paint.


  1. Flatten out the clay into an oval.
  2. Lubricate the clay and the paintwork with DT Concours Super Clay Lubricant.
  3. Working in straight lines and following the contours of the car from front to back, rub the clay on the surface of the paint in small sections about 3 to 12 inches square, keeping the clay lubricated.
  4. When the surface of the clay becomes too contaminated turn it over or fold it and flatten it again.
  5. Rinse each area of the paintwork with clean water.
  6. Dry the paintwork using a 100% cotton cloth.

When we do demonstrations of this product at car shows this almost always brings an expression of "wow" when we let the customer feel the difference in their paintwork.

A fine grade clay is what is normally supplied to customers and is suitable for most applications, however we can also supply a medium grade which can be used for removing small amounts of overspray from vehicles.

NOTE - If the clay bar has been dropped on the floor it must be discarded. Don't take a chance with your paintwork.

Super Clay (50gm) £7.99

Super Clay Lubricant (250ml)
Super Clay Lubricant In Finger Spray Bottle (250ml)


Clay and Lubricant Kit
Includes: Super Clay 50gm, Lubricant In Finger Spray Bottle (250ml) & Cotton Towel.

(save £3)